Turn your garage workshop and showroom traffic into used car sourcing

Spot customers who are ready to change their vehicle

With autobizClic2Buy, identify customers at the point of sale who are in the process of upgrading their vehicle, offer them the possibility of self-inspecting their vehicle and obtaining an instant trade-in price on the basis of their declared used car reconditioning costs.



Easy-to-use QR code implementation

Real time alerts

Customer identification at the point of sale

Instant lead reception in a specific interface

A detailed inspection form to complete in just a few minutes

Easy-to-use interface to track trade-in files

Do not miss out on any trade-in opportunities

A QR code to detect customers with a trade-in project

autobiz provides you with QR codes to be printed and deployed within your point of sale. Offer your dealership customers a simple, fully digitised trade-in solution (one-way-trade-in or upgrade).
Un QR code pour détecter les clients avec un projet de renouvellement
Répondez aux besoins clients

Respond instantly to your customers' needs

As soon as a customer scans the QR code, they immediately receive a link by text message to self-inspect their vehicle. You are informed in real time of their location within the dealership (garage workshop, car park, reception etc.).

A trade-in offer and reconditioning costs are automatically calculated

Once the customer has completed the form, you receive all the information related to the inspection. The amount of reconditioning costs declared by the customer is automatically calculated by our tools as well as the trade-in offer amount.
Une offre de reprise et des FREVO calculés automatiquement

A 100% digital trade-in service



to inspect the vehicle



during the inspection

50 %


in dealerships have a trade-in project



deployment is instantaneous

Discover all our solutions


Discover all our solutions​

Frequently Asked Questions

Wherever you like, but we advise you to place them in your dealership’s “hot” areas. That is to say, the areas where you potentially have customers with a trade-in or upgrade project without even knowing it! (e.g. garage workshop reception or your showroom’s waiting room).
You get a unique QR code in each of your dealership’s locations so that you know where the QR code has been scanned by your customer.
Of course, you or your customer can do the car inspection, it takes about 10 minutes.
Yes, it is also possible to send an inspection message to your customer via our interface. The process remains the same.
Once the inspection has been completed, you can send your customer’s file to the autobizCarcheck tool. The reconditioning costs will be calculated automatically according to the information entered by the customer. You can edit the customer’s indicated damages. The vehicle’s trade-in price is calculated instantly based on your trade-in settings and on the amount of the reconditioning costs indicated.
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