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Value, analyse, make the best decisions for your UCs

With autobizMarket, you can access the most efficient valuation tool on the market. Identify a vehicle by its registration or by our exclusive used car reference system. For your sales, consult the B2C market prices of professionals, brand networks and private individuals. Take into account turnover times, prices of past transactions and the state of market stocks. Compare your prices to those of your competitors. Determine your trade-in prices with your own cost grids.



3 market values: professionals (B2C), brand network (UC distributors), private individuals (C2C)

A thorough market analysis: distribution of dealers, numbers of vehicles on sale, etc

All indicators of past transactions in your analysis

Exclusive alerts to identify the best UC's amongst private customer classified ads

Your pricing positionning compared to local, regional and national markets

Download and value your UC listings in a few clicks

For a scientific approach to the marketplace

The valuation benchmark for professionals

Benefit from over 10 years of experience and historical data.
La valeur de référence des coteurs professionnels

The most powerful valuation programme on the market

Over 20 million daily price submissions processed to give you the most accurate view of the market.

Never miss a good UC deal again

With a 360 degree view of the entire market and the ability to set up alerts.
Ne manquez plus jamais une bonne affaire VO

A view of the entire second-hand vehicle market



of professionals analysed every day

+ 5,000


use our systems daily

+ 15,000


valued per day



of our valuations per month

Discover all our solutions


Discover all our solutions​

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on an algorithm, our value is a market value, resulting from the daily analysis of 2 million classified ads published by professionals and individuals. Our value is 100% statistical, calculated automatically from prices actually observed on the market.
The non-statistical values proposed by our competitors are mathematical discounts from the new catalogue price, adjusted following expert recommendations.
We use all the main infomediaries on the market: Leboncoin, Lacentrale, L’Argus, Ouest-France, AutoScout24, autoSelection, Paruvendu, autosphere…
With autobizMarket you can:
  • Price and value a trade-in.
  • Price a car for sale by analysing your market, with a local, regional or national perspective.
  • Analyse your stock in real time: turnover, quality of ads and price positioning.
  • Source vehicles by quickly identifying good deals on the internet.
Our “valuate a listing” feature allows you to valuate a very large number of vehicles in just one click: ask us for a demo.
Yes, we deduplicate the ads for our calculations.
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