Your trade-in module
ready in one hour

Integrate online trade-in, double your leads

autobiziFrame is a turnkey and customisable module for your website. Your customer identifies their vehicle and informs its status. They automatically receive your trade-in estimate.



URL is ready for integration in one hour

On-demand customisation of your trade-in values

Customisable customer journey with your colours, your logos and your choice of questions

Instant lead receipt to the end point of your choice

Vehicle identification through simple number plate input

Trade-in offer based on autobiz' market value and your trade-in settings

More leads for more sales

Approach your customer
through trade-in

For an efficient and customer-centric business approach.
Multipliez le nombre de leads de votre site
Développez votre business de rachat

Develop your business

Buying is an essential activity of your business: develop your second hand vehicle sourcing.

Engage your customers
as soon as possible

50% of your customers also have a trade-in project: interact with them before your competitors.
Engagez vos clients

Used vehicle business accelerator

+ 100%

of leads

from the integration of our module

More than 150


everywhere in Europe

between 8 and 15%

of conversion

obtained by our best customers

+ 2 millions


generated every year on our partner sites

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Discover all our solutions​

Frequently Asked Questions

A few hours is enough. Setting up your module is usually done in one hour with the people concerned (web and business teams). It will be done by us according to your instructions. Once this step is validated, you will only have to integrate a few lines of code on your website.
Absolutely. We adapt your trade-in module to your company’s graphic charter. Many other elements are also configurable: the online journey, the texts of the estimate received online, the emails sent to your customers and the final values presented to customers are customisable.
Once your trade-in module is integrated, it’s very simple. From the iFrame, your customer identifies their vehicle, its condition, the costs to expect, their buying plan, and their contact details. They receive a trade-in offer, in only a few seconds, and you immediately receive the lead by email.
Yes. We’ll let you know which page your customer visited before going to your iFrame valuation.
The trade-in offer returned to the customer is based on your sales grid (configurable from your customer account at any time), the autobiz valuation and the valuation reference of automotive professionals.
Yes, absolutely. If you want to design your own customer journey, visit our autobizAPI offer to integrate autobiz market values into your journey.
Absolutely. Some questions are required to return the vehicle’s market value, all other questions are optional and can be configured according to your wishes.
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