Automatic appraisal
using artificial intelligence

We know, from experience, that bodywork appraisals can be difficult for your sales team and can cause significant discrepancies in the reconditioning cost calculations, resulting in lower profitability.

However, bodywork reconditioning costs are important as they represent 45% of the total recon costs on a used vehicle. That is why we have developed an automatic appraisal solution using artificial intelligence in order to reduce your reconditioning cost gaps and ensure the profitability of your trade-ins.

Accurately manage your UC bodywork reconditioning costs

Carry out your vehicle appraisal on autobizCarcheck and take the necessary photos. These are analysed by Noa to determine and document the damage, its severity, and the repair costs. This information is then immediately available in the automatic Noa appraisal report available on autobizCarcheck.

Noa also automatically measures discrepancies with the reconditioning costs identified by your sales team to display discrepancy alerts within the autobizCarcheck file.

Noa is therefore the guarantee that your trade-ins will be carried out in complete trust and transparency.



Alert on the Carcheck file if there is a significant difference found between the reconditioning costs declared versus those found by Noa

Access to the Noa automatic appraisal report on autobizCarcheck

Damage detection using artificial intelligence

Estimated reconditioning costs determined by Noa based on your own cost grid set up in autobizCarcheck

AI comparison of the damage detected versus your buyer's declaration

Tool for monitoring the performance of buyers in terms of reported reconditioning costs compared to those detected by AI

Artificial intelligence at the service of your sales teams and all your trade ins

An appraisal system tailored to your organisation

Thanks to Noa, autobizCarcheck now offers 3 appraisal modes: manual (your sales team notes and quantifies the damage), AI-assisted (AI corrects your buyer’s declarations) or automatic (AI detects the damage and quantifies it independently).

Un système d’inspection adaptée à votre organisation
Une professionnalisation de vos commerciaux

Sales team professionalisation

Noa professionalises your teams, they are immediately ready to appraise cars without the need for specific bodywork training.

Real-time monitoring of your teams

Consult the discrepancies between the declared reconditioning costs and those identified by Noa at the level of a group, a dealership, or a vendor. In this way, you ensure that the quality of the appraisals is monitored by your teams.
Personnalisez les valeurs qui répondent à vos besoins

autobiz and Monk AI

Since 2021, autobiz has been working in partnership with Monk AI. This partnership was born out of a common desire to integrate artificial intelligence into vehicle appraisal to improve performance. Noa works with Monk AI based on machine learning. In other words, thanks to our rich source of autobizCarcheck appraisals, each new appraisal makes our AI even more reliable.

AI use in figures


of appraisals

where AI detects as much, or more, damage than the buyer


AI damages

detected on average per appraisal

AI detects


 reconditioning costs, on average, per appraisal


of recon costs

are bodywork recon costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to take advantage of this solution, please contact the sales representative in charge of your follow-up.
You can generate the Noa appraisal report within the autobizCarcheck pricing page. Once generated, the report is immediately available on the page.
On the autobizCarcheck pricing page, you will see both the reconditioning costs declared by the buyer and those calculated by Noa so that you can easily compare.
Yes, if a damage is detected by Noa it is visible on the photo within the report.
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